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About Sowing Seeds


Our Aims and Objectives

  • To advance the education of men, women and young people, including men/fathers, through personal and social education. We will provide this through workshops, seminars, and volunteering opportunities.
  • To support men in their emotional and spiritual development and to promote and preserve the mental health and well-being of men women and children, including men/fathers.
  • To work with fathers to alleviate the suffering caused to both men, women and children by a fathers absence from the family home.
  • To assist in raising awareness of the issues affecting men, women and children, especially men/fathers to service providers and family support professionals.
  • To raise awareness in the public of the emotional, psychological and other influences on parents, in particular fathers and to promote research into this.

How We Work

We work to promote change through celebrating the positive and offering a creative approach to the challenges faced by men. We recognise that each individual has experiences that can be of immense value to both themselves and others and are committed to working together to share our knowledge.

We support the needs of Men, Women, Children and Young People through: –

  • Providing workshops for both the public and service providers allowing an in depth exploration of these issues and an opportunity for people to share experiences. Our workshops cover a variety of topics, including family dynamics and relationships, and are open to both men and women.
  • Offering training and conference facilitation to service providers, allowing organisations to explore how their services could be more inclusive of the needs of men and fathers.
  • Organising networking events which help organisations to gain support from one another and share best practice.
  • Conducting research on the issues faced by men, in particular fathers, and distributing this research to the public.

Our Activities

  • Community based workshops
  • Training and Consultancy.
  • Research.
  • Conference and seminar facilitation.
  • Networking events.
  • Information, Advice and Guidance.