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Commissioned Projects

Developing Male Inclusive services training, Cafcass, and other Public Service Agencies.
This service would entail providing a series of 3 training seminars over a full day to explore the theory and practical application of Male Inclusion within services via an appreciation of personal and professional understanding of human relationships. The training would address and explore the ideas, thoughts and feelings and concepts of what Man/Father is, what this means and how do we as professionals support the notion of fatherhood.
Utilizing the latest research from a variety of sources such as the Equal Opportunity Commission, Fathers Direct and other sources we will look at the outcomes for children when there is father involvement and what this means for service provision and professional practice.
A work focus on the professional as an individual practitioner in terms of: –
Attitudes, beliefs & ideas about men/fathers
Organisational support of men/fathers
Engagement of men/fathers
Secondly the process will develop a strategy for the organisation to develop an action plan for supporting Male Inclusive Services.
This process will look at 6 different aspects of organisational practice: –
Organisational Support
Organisational Policy & Procedure
Human Resources and Staffing
Service Design & Delivery, Programmes
Communication & Interaction
Community Engagement.

The including Men Network


We delivered the network in Manchester as a pilot with funding to support the Local authority and NHS Foundation Trusts as a way to sustain and support the practical implementation of National policy with regards to Including men/fathers in service provision and delivery. The partnership will also provide a strong message to other agencies about collaboration on integrated working and the strategic importance of the impact Men/fathers play in Children’s lives and how professionals support this work.

The including Men Network will support and inform managers and frontline staff to champion inclusive work in their services.

Programme Scope

In developing this programme of change, Sowing Seeds and Children North East worked with partner agencies in the city to:

  • Highlight national policy drivers and aspirations
  • Influence key local policies
  • Identify existing strengths and opportunities for the inclusion of fathers and men in services
  • Identify existing barriers to male inclusion at policy and practice level
  • Identify training and support needs for staff and volunteers
  • Develop and deliver specific training packages and supporting resources
  • Support partner agencies to develop a common vision and clarity of purpose regarding the inclusion of fathers and men
  • Disseminate models of good practice. Contribute to and learn from the growing body of knowledge available nationally.