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Help Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds is a small non profit organization committed to the advancement of education and promotion of well-being in Families, men, women and children within their own communities.
Our aims and values indicate our purpose and the dedicated hard work that Sowing Seeds displays to:-

  • Enhance families, personal, social and spiritual welling.
  • Promote being yourself and its impact on the community.
  • Raising awareness.


General criteria
We are looking for volunteers between the ages of 18-65 years of age as Sowing Seeds profiles the experiences of Men & Father within the African & Caribbean communities. Volunteers are required to be able to access the Sowing Seeds office in Manchester to attend consultation meetings at least twice a month. It is therefore preferable that volunteers are based in Manchester or Trafford.

We encourage applications from both women and men as well as representatives from different ethnic backgrounds and religious sects. All volunteers will be expected to sign a volunteer agreement agreeing to remain with Sowing Seeds for a minimum of 12 months. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration. Volunteers should expect to carry out a minimum of 3 hours of voluntary work as necessary.

Training, Supervision and Support

Sowing Seeds seeks to encourage, develop and nurture the potential of fathers & men through on-going training, support and supervision throughout their voluntary experience.
Upon joining, volunteers will receive general training as well as training tailored to suit specific roles to ensure that they are able to perform their roles confidently and professionally. All volunteers will go through social awareness training that will involve being trained in social issues such as mental health and substance abuse as well as general counseling and empathy skills. This will ensure that our volunteers are prepared to deal with the issues that will be discussed and the underlying ethos and principles of Sowing Seeds. Volunteers will receive on-going training, support and supervision throughout their duration in Sowing Seeds. In addition to the initial training volunteers will be encouraged to attend monthly consultation meetings with the Project Manager and the Editors of each Channel to ensure they have an input in the development and direction of Sowing Seeds and its contents.
The Project Manager with respective project workers will ensure that volunteers have at their disposal the necessary resources to carry out their roles to the best of their ability.

Evaluation and feedback meetings will take place every three months with the Project Manager. Evaluation and feedback meetings are designed to enable volunteers to chart their development and progress as well as raise operational concerns.